Payton Ruddock, Photographer

Our Style

Our photography is continually evolving and taking on its own life. Our style is direct, our approach is deliberate, and our results are passionate. Without photography, we'd go insane. Without the ability to create, develop, and engineer; life would become boring. These are the things that drive us, and these are the ideas that define us. We continue to explore what drives ourselves and the world around us by capturing the passion and drive of others. By capturing and displaying these direct, driving forces in people's lives in a cinematic and commercialized style, we're putting them on display to the world to learn about, understand, and find their own passions and desires. This is what we do, and this is who we are. Ruddock Visuals.


Payton grew up for the most part in a small town in middle-Iowa. Always immersed in sports, he has continually been active in athletics his entire life, mainly swimming and running in some aspect. After high school, Payton attended college at Texas A&M University, majoring in Biomedical Engineering and taking on a History minor. While at college, Payton found his love for photography after picking up his grandfathers Nikon Ftn. Immersing himself in the world of digital photography with his first Canon DSLR, he has never stopped exploring the creative side of the sports and people he has loved and surrounded himself with all of his life.

After college, Payton has continued to work as an Engineer in Houston, TX, but has never given up his love for sports and photography. Continuing to push the boundaries and create the portraits he imagines, Payton has since picked up some notoriety in the world of Triathlon and is quickly becoming sought out by professional athletes and their sponsors alike. Continually seeking his dream, he pursues the world of professional athletes in both the traditional and extreme genres.

Client List

Woodlands Ad Agency - Lululemon Residency Project - Ronnie Delzer, Ultra-Runner - Trail Runner Magazine - PolarTec - QuintanaRoo Bikes - Skechers Performance Canada - Triathlon Magazine Canada - Matt Hanson, Ironman Champion - Cody Beals, Professional Triathlete - Aubrey Aldy, Professional Triathlete - Caitlin Standifer, Proessional Triathlete - Liz Baugher, Professional Triathlete - Lululemon Athletica in The Woodlands - Crossfit Town Center - 3T Cycling - Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine - Workspace Resource - Andrew "Danger" Manelis, Pro BMX - Balazs Csoke, Ironman Champion

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